The Affair

June 2017 And so The Affair began. The days following The Arrangement were like a dream. Wednesday I had plans to go back to the camera store to pick up my prints, and I invited Thomas* to join me. He enthusiastically agreed. I knocked on his door, and he came outside to join me, his … Continue reading The Affair


The Arrangement

27-28 May 2017 When I broke up with my ex and began this year of being single I thought that maybe I would meet someone nice or cool or interesting, and we would date for a while and then at some point, perhaps, I would find myself in another relationship. I did not anticipate one … Continue reading The Arrangement


23 May 2017 This day would have been my 10th anniversary with my ex if we had stayed together. It felt so strange: in the past, this was a day of such importance and celebration, but now, it was a normal workday, like any other day, it's ordinariness magnified by the fact that he and … Continue reading Sadiversary


April 2017 I was what they call a "late bloomer". I had my first real kiss at 16, to a guy who would become my only boyfriend in high school, a relationship that lasted all of 3 months. I lost my virginity at 19, to the guy who would become my boyfriend for virtually all … Continue reading Crushing