#7: A Canadian in Japan

February 2017 The day after the last time I saw my ex, I was still in Osaka, and still fuming. I met up with my gay Japanese friend for a wine and cigarette-fueled lunch of shit-talking, followed by a shopping spree where I spent too much money, buying clothes simply because they made me feel … Continue reading #7: A Canadian in Japan


Today’s Mantra is Fuck You

February 2017 I wrote this poem immediately after being ditched by my ex at a hostel in Osaka when I refused to sleep with him. More about that terrible memory here. Today’s Mantra is. . . Fuck You I wear too much eyeliner I take my coffee extra-creamy I will sleep with that Canadian guy … Continue reading Today’s Mantra is Fuck You

Things Fall Apart

February 2017 Since my ex and I had broken up in September, we'd remained in contact, except for a few weeks right after the break up when he'd claimed he needed some space and distance. I don't know what is considered "normal" after breakups. Stay friends? Sever ties? But for me personally, after building such … Continue reading Things Fall Apart

4 Months

January 2017 "I needed time to get used to my new self. What kind of a being was this self of mine? How did it function? What did it feel - and how? I had to grab each of these things through experience, to memorize and stockpile them. Do you see what I am saying? … Continue reading 4 Months